Dynamics 365/AX specialist GreatCircle from Nieuwegein and Blue Dynamic from the Czech Republic are embarking on a joint venture together. Under the name BlueCircle, they plan to offer their managed services in the Benelux. Both companies have years of experience with the Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX platform and operate in various sectors, including retail, industry and logistic services.

GreatCircle and Blue Dynamic both specialise in sector-specific business software, whereby extensive knowledge of specific business processes is translated into integrated solutions and standard functionality to control the commercial, logistic and financial processes. “Via BlueCircle, we can support our clients with a whole range of managed services for application management, network infrastructures and cloud computing,” says GreatCircle director Paul van Hal. Karel Pecl, from Blue Dynamic, adds: “Together we offer a wide and deep pallet of services which help companies get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX and the cloud.”

24×7 management and support

In BlueCircle (www.bluecircle-services.nl), the experience of GreatCircle is combined with that of Blue Dynamic. After all, both companies have acquired a great deal of expertise in the field of Microsoft Dynamics365/AX with various retailers, industrial companies and logistic service providers. These include retail group Darty, the parent company of BCC, which has been a satisfied customer of Blue Dynamic for many years. Van Hal: “BlueCircle specialises wholly in managed services for companies which use Dynamics365/ AX business software. That means we can supplement our service provision with 24×7 management and support, and help retail companies benefit even more from the many possibilities and innovations of Microsoft technology. Innovations which enable them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain, provide customers with optimal service and respond flexibly to new customer wishes.”

About Blue Dynamic

Blue Dynamic (www.blue-dynamic.eu) came out of the Darty Group, the parent company of retail companies like BCC and Datart from the Czech Republic, Vanden Borre in Belgium and Darty in France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Portugal. After its foundation in 2014, the company was immediately able to embark on its first project: replacing SAP by Microsoft Dynamics AX at BBC Elektro specialist shops. Since then, the company has completed many successful projects in organisations all over Europe. More information is available at blue-dynamic.eu.

About GreatCircle Solutions & Services

GreatCircle (www.greatcircle.nl) helps companies improve their effectiveness by working more productively, smartly and more flexibly. To this end, GreatCircle helps them streamline and organise their business processes for more efficient business operations. Besides smart sector-specific business applications and Microsoft technology, GreatCircle also implements projects and provides managed services. GreatCircle is based in Nieuwegein and is a subsidiary of the Broad Horizon Group in which services in the field of hosting of e-commerce platforms are also offered.