From design to technical support

Defined processes are the key building blocks for success. We customized and designed a set of verified ITIL processes, which we now use in all stages of infrastructure administration. From design and implementation to technical support.

Supported technologies

Many years of operating critical information systems and applications as well as administrating homogenous interfaces has led to a well experienced team. Our team has great knowledge of the vast majority of IT-technologies, systems and applications being implemented from small to entreprise companies.

Monitoring system

We can monitor your applications and infrastructure 24/7. Anything that is important for your business or to prevent problems can be (easily) analysed with our tool.

10 years’ experience

We have more than 10 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX. As well as in depth knowledge of the Microsoft Application stock.

5.000+ end-users

More than five thousand users worldwide make use of the applications that we manage

840 servers

We are able to handle uninterrupted operation of more than 840 production servers and 1.000 databases. Our monitoring tool is capable to continiously grow this number.

20.000 parameters

Our systems run smoothly because we continuously monitor more than twenty thousand parameters.

Monitoring is not enough

Nowadays the time to develop information technologies exceeds any expectations. To follow this trend demands more time and financial needs than ever. In an era where everything is changing so fast, you cannot afford any mistakes. Only to react and monitor consequences of the changing environment and incidents is not enough. It is highly important to proactively prevent the problems and constantly improve the infrastructure. As even a single mistake has an incredible impact on business operation.

BlueCircle Services

  • Service Level Agreement(SLA) is an inseparable part of the services we provide
  • We follow fixed reaction times – you always know when your problem becomes ours
  • With our BlueCircle Support we guarantee 1 hour reaction time for high priority requests.
  • Our solution lies in preventing problems.
  • Appropriate infrastructure changes will be recommended to you in order to ensure stable operation of your business and eliminate potential incidents
  • We will evaluate incidents and will suggest improvements in order to prevent these incidents for happening again