We offer experienced service for a wide range of technologies. Our experts have gained work experience and insights in different industries, which enables us to provide you with the service you need in different countries and time zones. We are here for you to support you on your road to success.

Monitoring system

We can monitor your applications 24/7. Anything that is important for your business or to prevent problems can be easily analysed with our monitoring tool. And because we monitor the performance of your applications we will be able to provide you with information that will help grow your business in the future, like for instance growth in volume, complexity of data and user requirements.

Flexible to adapt

Your applications have to be flexible in order to adapt quickly to company or market changes. We don’t want you to stay behind due to inflexible applications and processes. Our experts and solutions will help you to stay up-to-date and ahead of the competition. Our processes are ITIL proven and we can adapt them in all phases of change management.

10.000.000+ customers

Applications that we manage contain data of more than ten million customers. And the number is still growing. It is our priority to help you to grow your business.

5.000+ users

More than five thousand users worldwide make use of the applications that we manage

100+ applications and interfaces

We manage and develop more than hundred different applications, services and interfaces.

1.000.000+ emails per month

On behalf of our customers we send more than 1 million emails per month. We help our customers with targeted marketing and sales training in the retail branch.

To respond is not enough

Nowadays customers have increasing demands and expectations. Internet makes it very easy to compare between different suppliers. This puts a high demand on the service you offer, its quality and availability. Information technology is an essential pillar to achieve these demands. In our opinion, it is not enough to simply adapt to new trends and situations, it is necessary to anticipate future trends and react before changes occur. Another way to succeed in this competitive struggle is to be innovative and become a creator of new trends. In order to be successful, you need to have an experienced team on your side who take their work seriously as well as a natural interest in trends and future developments. Our people at BlueCircle are more than happy to take you to the next level.

Your current and future needs

Our goal is to help you to stay competitive in this continuously changing business environment. We take your current needs and its possible future development into account. Our team of analysts will work with you to analyse the best way to succeed in a difficult competitive environment.

We provide support for the following applications