Synchronizing Anywhere 365 with Skype for Business makes business work easier. It also contains new functionalities for the company. The app is compatible with older Skype versions such as Lync.


Easy integration with other apps in the company makes it an efficient integration. It is suitable for example for your sales and project team for building long-term connections with your customer.


Anywhere 365 is available for smartphones as well. You can respond to your customer 24/7, during the evening, weekend and your holidays if necessary. Make your customer support team work easier and available for customers 24/7!


Anywhere 365 simplifies customer data administration. Data from different parts of the company is brought together.


All information received by e-mail, chat, mobile phone, webchat and for instance web forum can be managed in one place when using Anywhere 365.


A vendor can respond to a customer very quickly. Due to the well-integrated system the vendor is updated about a customer’s issue quicker than before.


Direct contact with the customer due to a communication opportunity in an early stage of the process as well as a better problem-solving approach.

Number one in communication

In order to ensure a satisfied customer, it is crucial to ensure quick and correct communication. The customer needs the information as soon as possible to be able to improve his business. You can fulfil all your customers’ expectations in a short amount of time using Anywhere contact centre. A quick and easy solution!

Skype for business centre

With Skype for Business you can manage all your contacts from one place. Not only can you deliver the right content to the right person in the right time, you can also send it to any place and device in the right manner. We call this Work Management. Anywhere365 is an integrated solution for work management that can flawlessly manage all your conversations with customers from e-mail, chat, webchat as well as cell phone, web forum and other sources. Microsoft Skype for Business enables new forms of cooperation. Anywhere365 is a native expansion of Skype for Business Unified Contact Centre, that significantly extends standard features available for your organization.

Optimal work management

Anywhere365 has been developed within the Microsoft Skype for Business platform. The solution is therefore aware of the presence of your users, device functions, place, qualifications and other relevant information. This information can be helpful servicing your customer and its business.
Next to Work Management we also offer Dialogue Management. This means we can track and analyse conversations (or work items) based on your company records, Dynamics CRM or databases within your business. Anywhere365 is operated locally in your company, so all information will remain within your company.

Increase your company’s productivity

By using Anywhere365 you will avoid the outdated process of allocating items and tasks to work bins or sent e-mails. Anywhere365 offers Work Management real time. At any time it is possible to obtain an overview of performed tasks and performance overview. Anywhere365 knows real time whether a certain person is available, their qualifications and if additional time is required for fulfilling the task and so on. Dialogue Intelligence makes every step in the process visible and older hidden process formulas can be extracted. Every contact centre offers specific possibilities. Anywhere365 is a premium solution for making communication and conversations simpler while at the same time the right information is shared in the most productive and effective manner.

Anywhere brings new functionalities

By using Anywhere you will create an easy response centre for your customers. It has a simple, well-arranged interface displaying the call, caller’s statistics, the customer’s requirements including previous communication all in real time. It contains an easy feature for transferring contacts from other apps. Thanks to an extended window, the system communicates between the back office and one or more contact centres. It also improves services between the caller and the Agent.